Tim Ohlwiler

Celebrate Local would like to thank Tim Ohlwiler for his service to the community. Tim is an excellent example of a community partner in so many areas. Tim is the President of the  Board of Directors of the Fauquier Education Farm and the horticulture extension agent in the Fauquier County Extension Office.  His role at the Fauquier Education Farm is to oversee the farm, carry out its mission and vision and make sure it remains financially stable.  The mission of the Fauquier Education Farm is “to advance agriculture and agriculture-related education through best-method demonstrations, classroom instruction, on-farm workshops, and hands-on learning.  The Farm supports the community by contributing all of its agricultural products to local food banks and providing richly rewarding volunteer opportunities.”  The vision is “that we are a vibrant community advancing and supporting agriculture.” 

“It’s a fun project to work on, and I love the impact it has on the community,” Tim said. 

He really loves the education opportunities it provides for children as well as that they are able to provide thousands of pounds of fresh food to the community each year.

​​”Tim Ohlwiler is such a blessing to our community. His work with VCE has helped to marry the science of horticulture and the health of our community. He has been instrumental as an advisor in getting the FRESH tasting program planned, started, and staffed with Master Gardener volunteers in Fauquier County Schools over the past five years. His work with the Fauquier Education Farm on the Board of Directors has further supported health in our community by ensuring that aspiring and current farmers have the education they need for success. One amazing offshoot of that educational programming is that there is fresh, locally grown food at our area food banks. This makes eating an increased amount of fresh produce possible for individuals and families at risk of food insecurity.” fellow board member Natalie Ortiz said.  

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