The Health Benefits of Kindness

The health benefits of kindness are endless. Helping others will help you to feel good and expand your world. Studies have shown that acts of kindness can improve our self esteem, encourage us to be more active and promote changes in the brain that can lead to happiness. It also helps us to expand our own support network as well as increase our social connections.

Volunteering can provide a whole new community for you to make a place for yourself. Making new friends, and having a sense of belonging to something positive is a great way to improve your own mental health. Often times you may be feeling down but volunteering can give you perspective. Showing acts of kindness towards others can hep you to become more aware of the things you are grateful for and increase feelings of optimism. Doing good for your community is good for everyone, including you.

Showing kindness to others makes the world a better place while encouraging others to do the same. It is human nature for people to see someone helping others and want to join them. How many times have you heard of someone paying for coffee for the person behind them and the trend continues throughout the day? It starts with one person showing kindness and it spreads like a happy virus throughout the community. Let’s make our community better this week by starting the spread of happiness and joy through our acts of kindness. It will not only be good for the community, it will be good for you as well!

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