Robin Colangelo from Athlete’s Addiction on Motherhood

Robin Colangelo is a businesswoman, an athlete, and a mother. She owns and operates Athlete’s Addiction which is a performance training facility in Manassas, Virginia. With over 20 years of experience training youth and adult athletes, Robin knows that individualizing the programs they offer to fit their clients needs is the key to their success. In addition to training athletes Robin is a dedicated mother who has raised two amazing young men who excel academically, in athletics, and in their character.

The best part of being a mom is seeing your kids happy in life

Robin Colangelo

Robin works with kids/athletes and being a mom gives her empathy and understanding for what they are struggling with on a daily basis. She feels very lucky to have her children’s friends in her facility on a daily basis. She enjoys seeing them all interacting with each other in a positive and healthy way. Robin’s advice for other moms is to let them inside the challenges of balancing responsibilities. It’s a good example of what they will experience later in their own lives.

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