Restaurant Week Continued

Last week was restaurant week and it was amazing! Restaurants all over our region had special menus and great deals for their patrons. We love our local restaurants and want to make sure that we keep them “top of mind” all year. There is nothing better than trying a new spot with a unique menu to spice up your week. Supporting our local restaurants is good for you, good for them, and good for our communities.

Why eat local?

The taste. Locally-sourced restaurants use sustainably raised, caught, and picked foods. They are fresher and more flavorful. Usually, it has not traveled far and is in season.

It’s better for your health. Fresh foods have fewer additives and preservatives. Locally-sourced restaurants usually get their food from local farmers who have a sense of responsibility to keep their food clean and safe.

It is good for the community. When you spend money locally you are putting the money back into your own community. You are helping everyone from the farm to the delivery drivers to the servers and the restaurants themselves. You are helping to create jobs and keeping your money local.

Virginia is proud to protect its farmland. We love to brag about our beautiful farms, vineyards, and parkland. When you support local restaurants you also support our hardworking farmers. Eating local will help keep the Virginia countryside beautiful!