Piedmont Land Group is comprised of Northern Virginia’s premier land consultants, who are experts on all things land- including preservation and utility easements, conservancy, strategic planning, and real estate. Whether you are in need of full spectrum land development services or someone to explain your property rights, they can assist you. The team at PLG pride themselves on having several decades of combined experience and extensive local knowledge in the field, along with a passion for fostering relationships and problem-solving.

Ed Moore III, the president of Piedmont Land Group, brings 40 years of experience working in the field. He has an exceptional reputation for development, preservation, farming and community. Ed works with land developers, civil engineers, general contractors, municipalities, government agencies, national home builders, and individual homeowners. He believes that development should be about balance, dedicating his time to preserving natural and historic lands, volunteering in the community and creating real places for people to live and raise their children. 

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