Photo of the Week

This beautiful area between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Capital Beltway is a perfect place for shutterbugs. The landscapes, culture, nature, events, wildlife, and more are just waiting to be captured on camera.

Once a week, we’ll evaluate submissions and select a winner who will be celebrated across our social media channels. By sharing photographs, you agree that we can promote your name and image. We’ll allow up to 3 submissions per week per person. Who will be discovered? What beauty have you captured on “film” that deserves to be shared?

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

Alfred Steiglitz
Great Meadow Thunderstorm by Dennis Taylor (Catlett)
‘Boo’, feeding ‘Booboo’ by Sharon Wiggins.
These birds were named by members of the Facebook Photos of Fauquier group.

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