Welcome to Fauquier County!  Being new to Fauquier County myself, I understand relocating can be a big change. When moving into a new space, especially if it isn’t custom built, can feel like you are moving into someone else’s home.  I recently moved into my first house that wasn’t custom built for me. While I bought the house for the amazing 11.5 acres, mid-century modern architecture and one level living, the interior hadn’t really been updated for at least fifteen years. Here are some tips on making your house a home.

Of course, after investing in the house, I didn’t have a lot left over to immediately start a total renovation.  Luckily for me, as an Interior Designer, I love the challenge and the excitement of creating the before and after. There are many things I can do now to enjoy the space in the short term until I can afford to make those long-term updates. 

Short Term Solutions


Paint is a homeowner’s best friend and one of the biggest ways to make a personal impact. Not all the walls have to be the same, but it can be scary to pick a color.  One way to start is to pick one wall that is the focus of the room and pick a color that is less accentuated in the things that will be in the room. It may be a color running through the rug, furniture or pictures.  What is a focal wall?  It might be the first wall you see when you come into a space or one that has the TV or entertainment center.  Paint can also change cabinets that haven’t been updated in finish or style.   


Lighting is a great way to show off your vision for your house and sense of style. Changing the outdoor lighting of a home can have a big impact. To quickly update a space, such as over the breakfast area or kitchen island, convert that chandelier or pendant to recessed lighting which can be moved to direct lighting exactly where you want it.  Whether it is updating the Chandeliers in the living room, dining room or vanity lighting in the bathrooms, Lowes, Home depot, Amazon, and Wayfair make picking fixtures easy and cost effective.  

In my new house, I did just that.   I changed all the lighting in the Living room, Dining Room, Foyer, Master Bedroom, and the Bathrooms. 

Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware

Another way to update bathrooms and kitchens is by changing out plumbing fixtures. Faucets can quickly update a space and make you feel right at home. With plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware can be replaced to compliment or match, so it looks like very updated with minimal cost and effort. 


Hardware on doors are also an option. I had the dated brass doorknobs and hinges and replaced them with Matte Black levers and white hinges for a more contemporary look to update the interior.  While I left all the door panels as is, I did change the Pantry doors with this Recipe Etched Glass to give the kitchen a great focus.

All these things are quick and easy changes that I made with relatively less cost than a renovation. In my experience, some of these will end up being long term and some of my favorites. 

Long Term Solutions

More long-term solutions might be a kitchen or bath renovation, adding or opening walls as well as replacing closet or pantry wire shelving with something more custom and permanent.  I always like to get cost estimates for the long-term projects so I have an idea of when they might be possible and the trade-offs.  Spaces that have irregularities or obstructions to work around can be easily solved with a custom solution. California Closets provides solutions for dining areas, office spaces, entertainment areas, wine bars, and Master bedroom wall units.

Moving into a new house can be daunting and overwhelming. Making your new house a refuge that expresses your life story shouldn’t be. If you would like someone to guide you through this process and discovery, I am happy to help. Welcome to the county.

For more information, visit www.californiaclosets.com/designer/rhonda-denardo

By Rhonda Denardo of Interiors By Design

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