Happy Tails at the Fauquier SPCA

Nothing makes a new house feel homier than having a furry friend waiting for you when you walk in the door. If the time has come to find your new best friend, the Fauquier SPCA can help make sure the adoption process is simple and the new pairing is a match made in heaven.

Since it opened in 1957, the SPCA has grown in size and scope while executing its mission to protect and serve the county’s animals. It now occupies a facility on 11 acres in Casanova equipped to shelter dogs, cats, small animals like rabbits and even some livestock. Today the SPCA can house strays, rescues and owner surrenders, as well as animals exposed to rabies and other control concerns. 

The organization also offers affordable services for privately owned pets, including vaccination clinics, spay and neuter procedures and cremation. In an ongoing effort to raise awareness about the dangers of pet overpopulation, the SPCA engages in outreach to encourage spaying and neutering and, in conjunction with other local rescue groups, operates a feral cat program that works to trap and sterilize entire feline colonies before returning them to their homes. 

As for adopting a new pet, the SPCA’s animal care experts work closely with potential adopters to find the right match for both the family and the animal. In 2018, more than 900 cats and dogs found new homes by way of the Fauquier SPCA, says Caroline Folker, Community Relations Manager. Each animal is tested for health concerns and general temperament before being put up for adoption, so you’ll know going into the process if there are any special needs or preferences to consider. Adoption counselors are available when the shelter is open to the public and can help find a pet that will pair with your lifestyle, your home setting and your family structure. Folker also recommends that you bring all family members to the shelter to meet a potential pet to ensure that the safety and compatibility of everyone, including  the animal, is considered. 

The adoption process itself involves an application, a personal reference and a veterinary reference if the family already has pets at home. State law requires that all pets be current on rabies shots, so that’s something to check off the list prior to a new adoption process, Folker says.  Renters will need a landlord’s approval, and if there are Homeowner’s Association restrictions on pet ownership, that must be documented as well. Adoption fees are $95 for cats and $135 for dogs, which includes sterilization, microchipping and a routine set of health tests and vaccinations. The organization also offers training classes and support services both in person and by phone after an adoption is complete.

Even if a new pet isn’t in your immediate future, there are many ways to contribute to the invaluable work the SPCA does in the Fauquier community. Financial donations to this private, 501(c)(3) non-profit are always welcome and can be made by credit card either on the organization’s website, by phone or by checks mailed to Fauquier SPCA, P.O. Box 733, Warrenton, VA 20188-0733. The shelter also accepts donations of pet food, cleaning supplies, store gift cards and other basic facility needs.

For specific wish list items and even more ways to help, information about volunteering with the shelter or other services and the facility’s operating hours, visit the website at www.fauquierspca.com or call 540-788-9000. 

By Emily Ashby


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