Teeth are seldom naturally straight; and the bones of the jaws are not always perfectly proportioned.  In fact, because two separate sets of genes (one from each parent) control the development of the teeth and jaws, it is common for mismatches to occur in the mouth.  Beyond inherited irregularities, there are problems that arise as the result of abnormal eruption and tooth development.  Injury, decay, disease and habits may also contribute to forcing the teeth into less-than-ideal positions.  Avoiding crowds can be difficult.

Most people have crowded teeth in one or both jaws because there is not sufficient room in the arch to accommodate all of the teeth in proper alignment.  This so-called arch length insufficiency is a very common hereditary condition.  

In fact, crowding can be diagnosed quite easily, even at a very young age.  When observing a child in the deciduous dentition (baby teeth), look to see if there are spaces.  Lack of space most likely means that crowding will result when the permanent teeth erupt.  This is because all of the front baby teeth are smaller than their permanent replacements.

Severely crowded teeth are more difficult to brush and floss.  Over the long term, this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.  In nearly all cases, crowding will not resolve naturally and will require orthodontic treatment for complete correction.

In any case, an orthodontist is a specialist with extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of tooth and jaw alignment problems in both adults and children.  

Drs. Griffin and Errera (AKA Dr. Joe) are dedicated to providing their patients with excellent orthodontic care in a patient and family-friendly environment. Our staff is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in achieving that goal. We run a fun and energetic office and always welcome parents into the clinical treatment areas. This eliminates a lot of the perceived mystery in orthodontic treatment and allows parents to follow the progress of their child’s care.

We have 3 convenient offices located in Culpeper, Warrenton and Middleburg. We offer a variety of no-interest payment options to fit every budget and have convenient after school appointment times. Additionally, we accept most dental insurance plans.

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