Ad rates & dimensions

Weekly newsletter sponsorship
$125 per week
1300px wide x 215px high

$125 per week
265px wide x 250px high

$250 per week
880px wide x 145px high

$500 per week
1300px wide x 215px high

Media Kit

Click below to view or download our media kit.

Digital advertisements have many benefits over traditional print advertising:

  • Content can be changed quickly to suit your changing needs
  • Clicks to your website are trackable
  • They can include video, slideshows, links to your website or social media
  • Ads can be fed 100% by your social media channels — no further work required
  • As of 2021, statistics showed that 8 in 10 American adults got their news from digital devices — advertise where people will see it 

Readership demographics

  • Adults between 30-65 years of age
  • Combined annual income $70K-$300K
  • Residents and visitors 
  • Family-oriented
  • Culture-focused
  • Local business supporters

We offer unique advertisement formats and our click-through rate is well above average! Ad design is included in the listed rates — let us know what you want to promote and we’ll design your ad for you. Contact us to discuss availability and options by emailing