A trusted local source

Our digital magazine celebrates the unique people, products, places, and things that make our area special, one that beckons visitors to return. We highlight the creatives, the artisans, farm-to-table sources, exclusive events, remarkable activities, and so much more. This special geographic area — where we reside and are raising our families — is between the beltway and the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

A valuable resource for visitors and residents alike

We’re covering this area from the local perspective. Visitors can find chain restaurants and big box stores nearly anywhere they travel. But what they can’t find anywhere else… that’s what we’re highlighting. 

Coverage area

Our focus is the regions known as the northern Piedmont and parts of Northern Virginia, the space between the Capital Beltway and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Historic tributes

We appreciate that the past has paved the way for what we have today. The land in our coverage area is rich with stories. We share what we know about the region’s historic characters, landscapes, towns, and villages. 


Co-Publishers Annie Malloy and Pam Owens began their business, Take 2 Publishers, in 2019. Annie and Pam are committed to excellent design, loyal to their community, and strive to bring awareness to the beauty that exists in the region where they reside. Annie lives in Amissville with her husband, son, and daughter. Pam’s home in Delaplane is shared with her husband and daughter.