A Great Day for Kate and Her Son

Kate Priest had a really great day due to the work of a few good men in Warrenton. She and her son were on a walk in the shopping center after visiting Petco. As usual her son wanted to run. She let him go a bit ahead before calling him back because she couldn’t keep up in her work shoes and he’s good about staying on the sidewalk. He ran to Fat Tuesday’s where a couple of kind men started playing corn hole with him and even bought him a plate of fries, inviting them both to hang out. While running around with them, her son fell and hit his face hard on the side of the corn hole board, cutting his lip open badly. They were immediately surrounded by kind men offering ice, napkins, water, and more importantly comfort to her son. They bought him a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie, blew bubbles, and patiently helped her to calm him until they could easily get in the car to get home.The kindness of those strangers had been sitting on her heart all day and she wanted to reach out to hopefully thank them not only for their help after the injury but for inviting him in to play in the first place. As a single mom she was so grateful for him to have a great time with some decent men who genuinely enjoyed him.Thank you Kevin and Bean for being a blessing to them in both good and bad times yesterday. she is so grateful to them, and Gabe was too. He says he hopes to see “his guys” again.