5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Winter

Do you have the winter blues? Have you undecorated from Christmas and now your home feels drab and empty? We feel the same way so we came up with some fun ideas to spruce up your home for winter! Just because it is cold and snowy out does not mean you can’t have fun with your decor. Create a cozy winter wonderland for you and your family to enjoy.

Dried Flowers

If you want to add some subtle color to your home this season dried flowers are the perfect addition to any table or mantle. Choose a color that goes with the color scheme in your room, maybe another shade of the same color or a complementary color. It won’t look like spring yet but they can add a bit of life to a drab room.

Repurpose holiday greenery

Don’t put that greenery away yet! When you remove the ornaments and add a bit of fake snow, your greenery goes from Christmas to winter without much effort. It is perfect for a mantle or tablescape in any room. Add some white ceramic houses or animals and you instantly get a lovely winter feel.

Twinkle lights

Who said that twinkle lights are just for the holidays? You don’t need to go all out but the addition of twinkle lights to a table, mantle, deck, or kitchen are appropriate year round. Twinkle lights make everything feel warm and cozy all year.

Update your bedding

A great way to spruce up your bedroom in the winter is by updating your bedding. You can either buy fresh new bedding in winter colors or recycle something from the past. Changing things up can really help relieve some of those winter blues!

Porch and deck

Sometimes the outdoor decor gets neglected in the winter. It’s cold and you don’t want to even think about it but it can really bring a lot of charm to your winter home. Try adding some greenery with black and white accents. You can do a wreath or some swags. White antiqued wood frames are a great accent to any outdoor space.